Bathtub is a multimedia performance installation event of radical intimacy and surrender by inviting an audience to experience a bath with a Black woman.

Tanisha Christie is a 2017 MAP Fund grantee for this project.


There are few spaces as private as the bath. It is here I have pondered the complexity of my emotions, my femininity, my sorrow and blackness unmediated by others. It is the place where I become intimate with my rage and anguish. It is here that I replenish and refuel. With this work, I am inviting others into this space and into a conversation of vulnerability. I’m curious to know how others are feeling and being in light current events - beyond social media. Is it possible for us to experience ourselves and others unmediated? Is skin-color a barrier to compassion? Can we respect each other’s sorrow? Is the expression of grief only of value in a consensus of opinion? Have we collectively mourned our inability to be humane to one another? Can we get to the other side of this? #areyouin

Conceived/Performed by: Tanisha Christie
Director: Kristin Horton
Video/Audio/Installation: JD Urban
Scenic Installation Design: Deb O
Animation: Mark Palkoski
Movement Advisor: Liz Lerman
Project Advisor:  Daniel Alexander Jones
Music: ClassicBeatz / Casey Stratton / Edson Sean

Tanisha Christie/ bathtub is a 2017 MAP Fund grantee. The project has received development support from The Lake Lucille Project and is currently in development at The Brooklyn Arts Exchange.