About Tanisha

I work in the fields of arts, education, healing and social justice.

My work is an extended novel, with each client / project / performance another chapter in an evolving story of my growth and contribution. My approach is people-centered and creative.

Whether it’s through teaching, workshop facilitation, clinical social work practice, coaching, writing, speaking or making theater and films, I believe in the liberation of people through their stories.

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Areas of Work

Social Work

My social work practice focuses on relational therapeutic approaches with individual, couples and families. I have an interest in client centered evidence-based practices.

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Social Activism

Critical consciousness is a practice, like yoga or a mastery of anything. It's not just knowing definitions of words, or knowing every news incident or being “woke.”

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I am driven by the fact that being “heard” enables people to acknowledge and embrace the truth about themselves and experience joy within the act of creating.

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Working in theater and performance in a variety of roles provides the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for arts and culture as well as create forums for dialogue about issues critical to our society.

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Upcoming Events

Brooklyn Arts Exchange - Artist in Residence Program bathtub Performance in Process

bathtub is an iterative, multimedia performance event that creates radical intimacy and surrender by inviting the audience to experience a bath with a black woman.
The impetus for this project is the over-saturated, mediated narrative of violence against black bodies and marginalized peoples. By creating an immersive, expressionistic experience, bathtub encourages the audience to consider their feelings, identities and our collective response to these issues in a rare space of intimacy. This is the third iteration of the work that will explore the use of space, media, audience relationship and conversation.

April 21 - 22, 2017  |  8:00 pm
BAX Brooklyn Arts Exchange  |  Brooklyn, NY

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Ackerman Institute for the Family - Social Work & Diversity Program 2017 Presentations

Tanisha will present her clinical work with couples and families and also share the meaning of their training experience in the Social Work & Diversity Program.

May 3, 2017  |  12:00pm – 2:00pm
Ackerman Institute for the Family | New York, NY

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